Key Competences of the Centre

The RC has key competences on the following fields:

  1. Implement integrated water and land resource management (IWLRM) both on applied research/monitoring and development and provide capacity development training;
  2. Monitoring hydro-sedimentology at different scales – plot, watershed and basin level (Note: the RC is the only center in the country where long-term monitored and organized hydro-sedimentology data is available);
  3. Conducting detail baseline information and developing watershed directories using the state of the art technologies and provide capacity development training;
  4. Geo-spatial analysis (Note: the RC has one of the best well organized geo-spatial information of the country) and provide capacity development training;
  5. Information management system – the RC has developed a web-based and user friendly information managements system which allows users to make their own analysis but also to down load spatial and non-spatial information. It is called Water and Land Resources Information System (WALRIS). WALRIS can also be customized to serve other organizations database;
  6. Develop and implement an inbuilt exit strategy for watershed development and provide capacity development training on the use and implementation of exit strategies;
  7. Conducting periodic performance assessment of complex watersheds and identifying their development stage, sustainability and follow-up actions and provide capacity development training;
  8. Doing cross-cutting research on landscape transformation, assessment of land degradation including mapping of degradation hotspots, hydro-sedimentology, and integrated water and land resources

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