Bahir Dar Regional Office

The Bahir Dar Regional Office of WLRC-AAU is a renowned center for research, capacity building, and knowledge dissemination in the fields of water and land resources management. Located in the vibrant city of Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, our office plays a pivotal role in addressing the complex challenges related to water, land, and environmental management in the region.

Our multidisciplinary team of experts, consisting of researchers, scientists, and professionals, is committed to advancing knowledge and providing practical solutions to real-world problems. We engage in cutting-edge research projects, exploring emerging issues such as climate change, water scarcity, watershed management, soil conservation, and biodiversity conservation.

In addition to our research endeavors, we offer a wide range of capacity building programs tailored to diverse audiences, including government officials, professionals, students, and community members. Through interactive workshops, training sessions, and field visits, we aim to enhance the technical skills, knowledge, and understanding of water and land resources management practices.

Collaboration is at the heart of our work. We actively collaborate with national and international organizations, government agencies, academic institutions, and local communities to foster synergy and share expertise. Our partnerships allow us to leverage resources, expand our reach, and amplify the impact of our activities.

Currently, our regional office is actively involved in the implementation of the Kunzila Integrated Land Management and Wash (KILMWA) project. KILMWA aims to enhance land management practices, including soil conservation and sustainable agriculture, while also addressing water and sanitation challenges in the target areas. This project serves as a flagship initiative in our commitment to improving livelihoods, protecting the environment, and promoting community well-being.