Project: Improving accessibility of MODIS derived time series of vegetation indices using web service

Project Fund: CDE

Project Implementing Organization: WLRC

Project Duration: May 2014 – October 2014


To improve the accessibility of MODIS Vegetation Indices time series. Application of statistical analysis will enable easier interpretation of time-series data. The basic data will be prepared and made available in a geodatabase. This will provide the foundation for a mobile web service capable of extracting, analyzing and summarizing relevant time series from the geodatabase according to positions data provided by the user. The user will then receive a detailed factsheet on the desired MODIS Vegetation Indices time series.

Key Activities:

Integration of the mobile web processing services into the existing web GIS infrastructure of WALRIS;
Verification and application of the BITS-tool in the field. Collecting 20 detailed pixel stories according to the defined framework.
Demonstration and consultative workshop about the tool, the results and the further use.
Final reporting and accounting
Contact: Tibebu Kassawmar

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