Andit Tid

Station Overview


39°43’E / 9°48’N. Region: Shewa;180 ENE of Addis Abeba


range: 3040 - 3548 m asl

Catchment size

Hydrological catchment: 477.3 ha;Topographical catchment: 477.5 ha


According to Thornthwaite: humid Mean annual temperature: 12.6 °C Mean annual rainfall: 1417 mm Length of growing period: 175 days


Volcanic rocks: rhyolites, trachites,tuffs and basalts


Humic and ochric Andosols, Fluvisols,Regosols and Lithosols

Soil degradation status

High degradation status, specially in the lower part of the catchment. Soil fertility is limited through low pH and N- and P- deficiency

Agro-ecological classification

Wet Dega / Wet high Dega

Farming system

Smallholder mixed farming system with grain oriented roduction

(barley), ox-plough farming with uncontrolled grazing practices

Main crops


Climax vegetation

(catchment) 1986: 41 % of the households: less than 2 ha; 55 % of the households: 2 - 5 ha 4 % of the households: more than 5 ha

Livestock holdings (catchment)

1983: 17.8 animals per household, in

1995: 15.4 animals,

thereof 64 % sheep and goats

Station established in

July 1982

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Rahem Building

Diaspora Square Megenagna

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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