DSCN3397First Round Training of Trainers on Exit Strategy and Performance Assessment for Watershed Development – A Guideline for Sustainability was held from 24 – 28 November 2014, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.

The training was organized by Water and Land Resource Centre (WLRC), GiZ-SLM and Ministry of Agriculture (MoA).The total number of participants was 35 senior experts from GiZ-SLM Federal, GiZ-SLM Tigray, GiZ-SLM Amhara, GiZ-SLM Oromia, GiTEC, MoA-SLM Federal, BoA Tigray, BoA Amhara, BoA Oromia, and WLRC. 

The training was opened by Dr. Gete Zeleke (Director, WLRC), Mr. Boris Buechler (GiZ Capacity Building Advisor) and Dr. Zewdu Wuletaw (Manager, GiZ Amhara)

The training was facilitated and delivered by Dr. Gete Zeleke, who is the author of Exit Strategy and Performance Assessment for Watershed Management – A guideline for sustainability based on his long year of professional experience on integrated watershed management and extensive performance assessment survey carried out on 92 SUN-supported watersheds in the three regions: Tigray, Amhara and Oromia in 2009/10. The book will be used as a national guideline for designing an inbuilt exit strategy and undertake periodic performance assessment to ensure sustainability.

Participants emphasized the importance of the new tool on watershed development and management in facilitating their work towards sustainability and committed themselves to ensure that it cascades well in to each project. The training was very interactive which was very useful in sharing experiences. The tool was tested on one of the WLRC learning watersheds (Debre Mewi), which was very relevant for the trainees to internalize the tool.

After hearing the feedback from the trainees both Mr. Habtamu  (SLMP National Coordinator-MoA) and Mr. Melaku Tadesse (Deputy Director, GiZ-SLM) promised to facilitate the required so that the Exit strategy will be part of SLM intervention in the country.

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