REACH symposium and meetings 2REACH Ethiopia hosted a high-level symposium on September 20/2017 at Kuriftu resort, Bishoftu, Ethiopia. During the symposium a number of invited people attended representing DFID, UNICEF, MOWIE, basin authorities, development partners and other relevant stakeholders.

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1Water and Land Resource Centre (WLRC) in collaboration to the Federal Ministry of of Water Irrigation and Electricity and Global Water Partnership for Easter Africa organized an 18 days training on Integrated Water Resource Management for River Basins in Ethiopia. The overarching goal of this training program is build the capacity of river basins to contribute towards the enhanced water resource management performance in river basins in Ethiopia..

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The REACH internal meetings were held to discuss the program with different stakeholders and to present the research plan for the next years in all participating countries (Bangladesh, Kenya and Ethiopia). The event was held from April 4 2017 up to April 6 2017 at Navashia, Kenya

In the University of Nairobi event - the REACH consortium presents early results from a risk-based approach that embeds the understanding and management of natural variability and associated political, economic and social uncertainties as the basis for interdisciplinary decision making.

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Ethiopian press agencyWLRC Director General, Dr. Gete Zeleke gave interview to Ethiopian Press Agency, about the watershed management sustainability problem.
Dr.Gete gave information about the WLRC and the current challenge we have as a country on watershed management sustainability, and achievement made so far and also the assessment methods used. "31 Aug 2017" 
detail from the Ethiopian press website, using the following link.

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