Capacity Development

In line with the above three major project components, the centre has offered capacity development programmes for different stakeholders. Among them are academia (AAU, BDU, Wollo University, etc), MSC/PhD students and federal and regional institutes (MoA, MoWE, EMA, CSA, ARARI, ORARI, EIAR, etc), development agents, and farmers are centre of attention of the capacity development program. The programme includes, but is not limited to, short term trainings both in country and abroad, seminars and workshops, providing field and office equipments that facilitate watershed management, in service trainings, awareness creation workshops, local study-tours, and field days both for farmers and partner institutes and support long-term studies at MSc and PhD level. While some of the above mentioned capacity development activities are underway the resource centre has also concluded a capacity needs assessment survey in the country focusing on major partners and land users to make the future capacity development interventions more effective and focused.

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