Hunde Lafto

Station Overview


40°59’E /9°07’N. Region: Harerge;

20 km southeast of Asbe Teferi


1963 – 2315 m asl

Catchment size

Hydrological catchment: 236.4 ha

Topographical catchment: 235.7 ha


According to Thornthwaite: sub-humid

Mean temperature: 18.3° C

Mean annual rainfall: 860 mm

Length of growing period: 135 days


Mainly tertiary basalts and tuffs, small

parts are covered with Mesozoic



Vertisols, Cambisols, Fluvisols

Soil degradation status

Medium to high degradation, Generally

moderate to good soil fertility

Agro-ecological classification

Dry to moist Weyna Dega

Farming system

Rainfed, maize and sorghum based

crop-system combined with

smallholder mixed system, ox-plough farming

Main crops

Maize and sorghum

Climax vegetation

Acacia abyssinica, Cordia abyssinica

Population density (PA)


Mean size of landholdings (PA)


Livestock holdings (catchment)

1983/84: mean herd size per family:

6 animals, thereof: 0.7 oxen

1987: mean herd size per family:

3 animals, thereof: 0.6 oxen

Station established in

May 1982


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