Traceability Systems and Landscape Approaches for Sustainable Coffee Trade: Capturing and Reclaiming Value in the Global South

(CARE for value and sustainability)

CARE Project Overview

Overall Goal

The CARE project aims to promote deforestation-free supply chains by integrating robust traceability systems and landscape approaches. This initiative focuses on creating sustainable and equitable value for all stakeholders involved in coffee production and trade, particularly in the Global South. The primary objectives include:

  • Ecological Value Creation: Ensuring that coffee production practices are environmentally sustainable, protecting biodiversity, conserving water resources, and reducing carbon footprints.

  • Sociocultural Value Creation: Supporting the cultural heritage and social structures of coffee-growing communities. This involves respecting traditional practices, enhancing local livelihoods, and ensuring fair labor conditions.

  • Economic Value Creation: Empowering coffee producers by providing them with tools and knowledge to increase the economic value of their products. This includes access to better markets, fair trade practices, and higher income through premium product offerings.

By focusing on these three pillars, the project seeks to create a holistic and sustainable coffee value chain that benefits producers, consumers, and the environment.