Sululta IWMP

Project: Development and Implementation of Integrated Watershed management Plan for Upper Sululta Watershed

Duration: one year (phase I – Planning phase)

Project Fund: Nestle Waters

Goal: Improve qualities of life through improved livelihood options and enhance rational utilization of natural resources and healthy environment both in peri-urban and urban areas of Sululta

General objective: develop an integrated watershed plan for the Upper Sululta area in order to improve community livelihoods and the rational utilization of natural resources, protect the environment and water recharging areas and thereby enhance multiple ecosystem services.

Specific objective

  1. Undertake detailed description of biophysical and socio-economic settings, stakeholder engagement and governance, and assess the socio-ecological changes and their drivers and impacts.
  2. Develop an integrated watershed plan

Contact: Dr. Gizaw Desta

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