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In a significant milestone for cross-border collaboration in sustainable land management, the Water and Land Resource Centre – Addis Ababa University (WLRC-AAU) recently presented a cutting-edge Knowledge Management System (KMS) to a Kenyan delegation on Nov,6,2023 Addis Ababa, Marriott Hotel. The presentation was part of a knowledge-sharing initiative that aimed to draw inspiration from Ethiopia’s remarkable Sustainable Landscapes Management Project and apply these insights to foster watershed improvement services in Kenya.

This high-impact workshop was organized by World Bank, WLRC-AAU highlighted the critical role of technology in harnessing knowledge and data for more effective and responsive land management. The SLMP-KMIS offers a robust framework for collecting, storing, and disseminating essential information, thereby enhancing the decision-making process in the realm of sustainable land management.

Dr. Gete Zeleke (WLRC-AAU Managing Director), leading the WLRC-AAU’s ICT team, provided valuable insights into the capabilities and potential of the SLMP-KMIS. The Kenyan delegation left the presentation equipped with a comprehensive understanding of how this system could catalyze positive change in their country’s watershed improvement services.