[WLRC April 2024]: Water and Land Resource Centre conducted a follow-up training and scenario identification workshop for the Climate Smart WATer Management and Sustainable DEVelopment for Food and Agriculture in East Africa (WATDEV) project, April 19 – 20, 2024, at Unison Hotel in Bahir Dar. The workshop aimed to build the capacity of participants in selecting feasibility indicators and mapping scenarios to implement innovative ideas at the local scale.

Dr. Amare Bantider, in his welcoming address highlighted two awareness creation and best management practices (BMPs) meetings were organized for farmers and community actors, as well as training and capacity building efforts in North Mecha Woreda and emphasized the importance of upscaling and out-scaling best management practices in agroforestry in the area.

The Deputy Director of WLRC, Dr. Tena Alamirew, on his part, introduced the WATDEV project objectives, methods, and expected results in alignment with WLRC’s engagement. He explained that one of the project’s objectives is to enhance the farmers’ and local actors’ knowledge of implementing innovative solutions in water management. WLRC, along with project partners, aimed to empower local community members and their technical assistants to adopt innovative water management methods for sustainable development.

Presentations were delivered on agroforestry, soil health, and irrigation water users association. Following the presentations, facilitators engaged in discussions with local actors regarding the feasibility of applying the presented techniques on their farms. Topics included the use of organic and inorganic fertilizers, pros and cons, as well as the technical solutions needed for implementing innovative approaches in North Mecha by selecting indicators.

The workshop was attended by 41 participants from WLRC, farmers, local development agents from the Koga Area, North Mecha Woreda, Amhara Region, and professionals from ASARECA, Uganda.

The Climate Smart WATer Management and Sustainable DEVelopment for Food and Agriculture in East Africa (WATDEV) project is being implemented in Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, and Egypt, with the overall goal of enhancing the sustainability of agricultural water management and agro-ecosystem resilience. The project is funded through the European Union’s DeSIRA Initiative.