WLRC Divisions

1. Director General

Director General: Gete Zeleke, PhD
Contacts: gete.z@wlrc-eth.org;

2. Deputy Director General for Programmes

Director: Tena Alamirew, PhD
Contacts: tena.a@wlrc-eth.org;

3. Climate Risk Management Division

Director: Woldeamlak Bewket, PhD, Professor
Contacts: woldeamlak.b@wlrc-eth.org;
1. Climate Resource Unit
2. Climate Risk Management RD Unit

4. Hydrology and Water Resource Management Division

Director: Ermias Teferi, PhD, Associate Professor
Contacts: emrias.t@wlrc-eth.org;
1. HS Research Unit
2. WRM RD Unit

5. Land and Ecosystem Division

Director: Yilikal Anteneh, PhD
Contacts: yilikal.a@wlrc-eth.org
1. ILM & ES R&D Unit
2. WRM R&D Unit

6. Land Science System Division

Director: Tibebu Kassawmar, PhD
Contacts: tibebu.k@wlrc-eth.org;
1. LUS Research Unit
2. GIS & RS Research Unit

7. Resource Governance and Socio-economic Division

Director: Amare Bantider, PhD
Contacts: amare.b@wlrc-eth.org;
1. RG & NR Accounting
2. SE Research Unit

8. Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning & Knowledge Management Divisions

Director: Matebu Tadesse, PhD
Contacts: matebu.t@wlrc-eth.org;
1. Communication and outreach
2. Planning, MEL, & Resource Generation
3. KM & ICT

9. People, Resource, and Operations Division

Director: Elsa Dejene
Contacts: elsa@wlrc-eth.org;
1. HR/PDO Unit
2. Finance & Budget Unit
3. Procurement and Properties Unit