WLRC-AAU in collaboration with Addis Ababa Plan and Development commission held a two days’ workshop on “Benchmarking Urban Water Systems of Addis Ababa for Mainstreaming Water Sensitive Planning (WSP) as a Sustainable Urban Development Strategy” on March 15-16 2023, at Getfam Hotel, Addis Ababa.

The general objective of the workshop is to benchmark Addis Ababa’s water sensitivity status in order to examine water-sensitive planning (WSP) as a sustainable urban planning strategy through a collaborative workshop with the participation of all actors and stakeholders. Specifically, the participant conducts a comprehensive assessment of the current water sensitivity status of Addis Ababa by analyzing the existing urban water management practices, identifying gaps and challenges, and evaluating the potential for water-sensitive planning (WSP) interventions. Moreover, the workshop facilitates a collaborative platform for all relevant actors and stakeholders, including government officials, urban planners, water engineers, and private sector actors, to exchange knowledge, experiences, and best practices on WSP.
After benchmarking assignments WLRC and the city administration will pilot WSP and develop a set of practical recommendations and strategies that can guide the development and implementation of WSP interventions in Addis Ababa. These recommendations will consider the unique social, economic, and environmental context of the city, as well as the perspectives and needs of various stakeholders.