Despite improvements in planning and implementation, many watershed management projects have lacked proper exit strategies, leading to dependency or regression. To ensure sustainability, a systematic performance assessment and exit strategy is essential.

  • Exit Approaches:
    • Phase Out: Withdrawal of support without further input, suitable when sustainability is assured.
    • Phase Over: Transfer of responsibility to local entities, ensuring continuity of essential activities.

A robust exit strategy and performance assessment guideline is crucial for sustaining watershed development. This guideline outlines the steps for systematic performance assessment and proper exit planning, ensuring the sustainability and continuity of development efforts. stakeholders can ensure that watershed development projects achieve lasting success and avoid fallback situations after project completion.

ESPAWM-AGS is dedicated to supporting sustainable land management efforts in Ethiopia. With a focus on innovation and collaboration, we aim to empower communities and stakeholders to achieve lasting environmental and economic benefits. Our software is built on the principles of the Ethiopian Strategic Investment Framework, ensuring alignment with national priorities and goals.

ESPAWM-AGS software is an innovative software solution designed to implement this guideline. This software is built to support stakeholders at federal, regional, and local levels, ensuring effective planning, execution, and monitoring of watershed management projects.