Korkie-Lencha watershed is found in Oromia Region, Western Shewa Zone in Tokie-Kuteye Wereda, specifically in Tegaje-Agamsa and Lencha kebeles. The watershed is located 130 kms west of Addis Ababa along the main asphalt road Holeta-Ambo-Nekemt. The watershed has area coverage of 810ha

The topography of Korke-Lencha watershed shows heterogeneity in many aspects of the landscape features. Topographically, the watershed is characterized as undulating with varying altitude in a short horizontal distance. Comparing the watershed with the surrounding landscapes, the watershed comprises several types of topographic settings that constitute diverse land features. The Korke-Lencha watershed has hills, escarpments, cultivated lands on gentle slope, homesteads, plateau, river courses, and flat terrain. In this regard, the management options for such kind of heterogeneous landscape shall also be diverse.

Basic Information of the watershed

Biophysical Information

  • Total Area: 810ha
  • Altitude:2,200 – 2,620 ma.s.l
  • Agroecology: Woina Dega and Dega
  • Average Rainfall: 1300 mm/yr
  • Average Temperature: 20oC

Socio-economic Information

  • Total Population: 2,011 , Male: 1095, Female: 916
  • Average family Size: 5.1
  • Livelihood: Mixed farming
  • Homestead: Poor homestead management
  • Major Crops: Teff, maize, nigger seed and lean seed
  • Productivity: 12 qt/ha for teff, 40 qt/ha for maize, 13 qt/ha for nigger seed, and 10 qt/ha for lean seed

Major Challenges

  • Absence of Soil and Water conservation practices
  • Shortage of forage source
  • Lack of alternative livelihood options and limited diversification opportunities
  • Shortage of cultivated land and lower agricultural productivity


  • Suitable agro-ecology for growing different crops
  • Huge surface and ground water potential for development opportunities
  • Suitable for livestock production, including cattle fattening, dairy, poultry and beehive production