Media Releases

Water Security and Sustainable Development Hub Project works on water quality, water governance, hydrology, and the nexus of water health related risks. WLRC, AAU as one of the Ethiopian collaborator of the hub is working on these issues and came up with detail insights, new findings that is very crucial for scientific community, policy makers and individuals. The findings have been published on reputable journals for the scientific community and policy briefs for policy-makers consumption. However, the most vulnerable individuals at the community level do not have the opportunity to know on what is going on in relation to water. Hence, WLRC envisions sharing some of the hub’s research findings to the grassroots level in a clear, succinct and artistic way. Producing music video is an ideal approach to reach large, dispersed and heterogeneous communities regardless of their social, economic, and other status. The objective of the music video productions is to portray the causes, consequences, and potential solutions of water security problems that help to advocate water security and sustainable development advocacy works.

The music has started from lyrics, melody and composition and the video that was produced with the individual production, Breman Film Production. The lyrics of the songs wrote by artists after getting the presentation and reading notes from authors that was focused on major findings of the research outputs. The lyrics of the music produced in a series of consultations with the GCRF team. The melody, composition and mastering prepared by well qualified experts under the supervision of WLRC GCRF team. After the approval of the music, the last masterpiece, the producer worked on the video clip that has its own English subtitle, videos from the scene and animated graphics with the optimal quality besides the project archives. All artists in the production are paid characters that the film production company is responsible for any legal and ethical pitfalls and all copy rights of the production is reserved for the Hub and WLRC.