National Workshop on Regenerative Cropping Systems

[WLRC Nov 2023]: WLRC organizes a national stakeholders’ consultative workshop on “Unlocking the Potentials of Regenerative Cropping System to Enhance Food Production and Nutrition Security” on 18 November 2023 at Azzeman Hotel, Addis Ababa. The workshop is the part of the Cluster of Cooperation (CLOC) Eastern Africa network that created within the Swiss Universities Development and Cooperation (SUDAC).

The Deputy Director of WLRC Dr. Tena Alamirew in his welcoming address states about the essence of innovative methods to secure food in countries with high population growth like Ethiopia. Dr. Tena recapitulated the water and land related missions that WLRC are underlining on to maintain the natural resource and utilize the potential of the land and water despite emerging threats. Hence, the regenerative cropping system is one of the innovative works that have the potential to yield more crops out of the rainy season. The implementation of such system in Ethiopian Highlands is an important innovative approach to get additional yields.

The Guest of Honor Mr. Esays Lemma, a director at Ministry of Agriculture, on his hand stated about the potentials of regenerative cropping systems across the country. In his remarks, residual soil moisture based cropping practice was not common across Ethiopia; however, it is now getting more attention as it provides an opportunity to get additional yield for the farmers. Mr. Essayas in his opening speech affirms the government’s apprehension and the Ministry of Agriculture plans on the residual moisture farming system to strengthen capabilities of farmers in the highlands of Ethiopia.

In the workshop, the findings of a pilot study conducted on residual soil moisture based cropping practices in the highlands of Ethiopia were presented by the study team. In the presentation, the opportunities and the challenges have been discussed. The workshop incorporates presentation of pilot study findings, group discussions and the way forward discussions.