Station Overview
Location 37°31’E / 10°40’N. Region: Gojam;

65 km NNW of Debre Markos, 15 km

north of Dembecha

Altitudinal 2407 – 2507 m asl
Catchment size Hydrological catchment: 113.4 ha;

Topographical catchment: 108.2 ha

Climate According to Thornthwaite: sub-humid

Mean annual temperature: 16 °C

Mean annual rainfall: 1690 mm

Length of growing period: 242 days

Geology Tertiary olivine basalt and tuff
Soils Mainly Alisols, Nitosols and Cambisols
Soil degradation status Medium to high degradation. Generally

moderate soil fertility

Agro-ecological classification Wet Weyna Dega
Farming system Rainfed, cereal-based mixed uplandsystem,

smallholder, ox-plough farming

Main crops Barley, wheat and tef, various beans

and oil crops

Climax vegetation Broadleaf Arundaria forest (original


Population density (PA) 193 inhabitants per km2 in 1991
Mean size of landholdings (PA): 1986: 2.2 ha;

1991: 1.9 ha per household

Livestock holdings (catchment, 1991) Cattle: 5 (thereof 2 (1.86) oxen);

horses, donkeys and mules: 1;

sheep and goats: 4

Station established in March 1984