Station Overview
Location 40°59’E /9°07’N. Region: Harerge;

20 km southeast of Asbe Teferi

Altitudinal 1963 – 2315 m asl
Catchment size Hydrological catchment: 236.4 ha

Topographical catchment: 235.7 ha

Climate According to Thornthwaite: sub-humid

Mean temperature: 18.3° C

Mean annual rainfall: 860 mm

Length of growing period: 135 days

Geology Mainly tertiary basalts and tuffs, small

parts are covered with Mesozoic


Soils Vertisols, Cambisols, Fluvisols
Soil degradation status Medium to high degradation, Generally

moderate to good soil fertility

Agro-ecological classification Dry to moist Weyna Dega
Farming system Rainfed, maize and sorghum based

crop-system combined with

smallholder mixed system, ox-plough farming

Main crops Maize and sorghum
Climax vegetation Acacia abyssinica, Cordia abyssinica
Population density (PA) n.a.
Mean size of landholdings (PA) n.a.
Livestock holdings (catchment) 1983/84: mean herd size per family:

6 animals, thereof: 0.7 oxen

1987: mean herd size per family:

3 animals, thereof: 0.6 oxen

Station established in May 1982