WLRC (Dec 2022): Water and Land Resource Centre – GCRF project in association with Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) facilitate a three days’ workshop on water pollution management in Akaki Catchment on 27-30 December 2022 at Bole Ambassador Hotel.

The Deputy Director of WLRC Dr. Tena Alamirew on his opening remark states that water security issue is worse in cities like Addis Ababa. In Addis Ababa more than 90% of the industries discharge their waste to nearby rivers without proper waste treatment, while prominent irrigated agricultural activities such as high vegetable production farms are exist in the riversides and in the downstream settings. The rivers are being used for irrigation, livestock, sanitation and other domestic purposes causing serious public, aquatic, and terrestrial health concerns.
The workshop aims to bring shared visions to address the pollution on the Akaki Catchment especially on the downstream on the upper Awash Basin. The workshop was based on APP and SAM approach in which the community has their own shared role on the decisions of management of riverine ecosystem.
The participants engaged in the workshop are the community members, representatives from farmers, community, youth, and elders and officials from woreda 12 Nifas Silk Sub City including environmental protection, health, and urban agriculture offices.