Traceability Systems and Landscape Approaches for Sustainable Coffee Trade: Capturing and Reclaiming Value in the Global South

(CARE for value and sustainability)

Project Deliverables

Sustainable sourcing landscapes and certification

  • Guidelines for sustainable coffee production in forest and agroforestry
  • Conformity assessments
  • Process for certifying sustainable sourcing areas and issuing certificates of origin

Traceability technologies

  • Spatial maps and geolocalize coffee plots by type of plot and by coffee type
  • Algorithm to detect land use and land cover (LULC) changes
  • Procedures for access to and retrieval of LULC data in a ready-to-use format for export
  • Knowledge management system for traceability including mobile applications
  • Financing options for the long-term operation of the traceability service

Sustainable trade and climate governance

  • Pricing models that promote more stable and remunerative prices for Ethiopian forest and agroforestry coffees from validated sustainable landscapes
  • Trade promotion options for coffee and other agricultural commodities sourced from the validated areas
  • Linkages with Switzerland’s carbon offsetting schemes, other climate funding schemes and conservation-related funding