Traceability Systems and Landscape Approaches for Sustainable Coffee Trade: Capturing and Reclaiming Value in the Global South

(CARE for value and sustainability)

WHY Ethiopia?

Ethiopia, located in the Horn of Africa, is renowned as the origin of coffee. The country holds a unique place in the coffee industry due to its rich coffee culture and significant economic contribution from coffee production.

  • Economic and Cultural Value: Coffee is the most valued commodity in Ethiopia, both economically and culturally. It supports the livelihoods of approximately 15 million people, playing a crucial role in the country’s economy and social fabric.

  • Diverse Production Systems: Ethiopia boasts three primary coffee production systems:

    • Commercial Plantations (5%)
    • Natural Forest Coffee (45%) (Organic)
    • Agroforestry Coffee Production Systems (50%) (Organic)

The latter two systems, natural forest coffee and agroforestry coffee, are of high value but face significant challenges.