KUNZILA Integrated Landscape Management & Wash Project (KILMWA)

KILMWA Project Components

The project constitutes two broad parts: Integrated Landscape Management (ILM) and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH). While SNV is responsible for the WASH aspects, WLRC-AAU is responsible for the ILM aspects and overall management of the project. These two broad parts of the project have eight specific components:

1. Strengthening of community watershed management in the 12 micro-watersheds of Kunzila (PIWM)
2. Strengthening of agricultural productivity of smallholders in the Kunzila watershed (PIWM)
3. Strengthening of capacities of institutions, community organisations and groups for sustainable natural resource management (PIWM)
4. Strengthening of rural water supply, sanitation access and safe hygiene behavior in the watershed (WASH)
5. Strengthening local communities’ management capacity of safe water supply and sanitation in Kunzila town (WASH)
6. Establish multi-stakeholder platform for WASH under the woreda leadership (WASH)
7. Establish an inbuilt scientific monitoring system – with simple scientific monitoring protocol (PIWM)
8. Develop and apply robust project management system and MEL (PIWM and WASH led by the former)