Station Overview
Location 35°36’E / 8°22’N. Region: Illubabor;

5 km north of Metu

Altitudinal 1565 – 1789 m asl
Catchment size Hydrological catchment: 672.7 ha;

Topographical catchment: 669.3 ha

Climate According to Thornthwaite: humid

Mean annual temperature: 21 °C

Mean annual rainfall: 1512 mm

Length of growing period: 245 days

Geology Precambrian Gneiss
Soils Mainly Lixisols, few Fluvisols and


Soil degradation status Low to medium degradation. Soil

fertility restricted by phosphorus


Agro-ecological classification Wet Weyna Dega
Farming system Rainfed, subsistence-oriented farming

system with ox-ploughing. Coffee as

cash crop. Uncontrolled grazing


Main crops Maize, tef, sorghum. Coffee as cash


Climax vegetation Broadleaf Baphia forest. Evergreen rain


Population density (PA) 80 inhabitants per km2 in 1990
Mean size of landholdings (PA): 1990: 2.6 ha per household
Livestock holdings (catchment, 1991) 1991: Mean total herd size per family:

5.6 animals, thereof 1.4 oxen

Station established in May 1988