Maybar Observatory Centre

Station Overview

39°40’ E / 11°00’ N. Region: South

Wello; 14 km SSE of Desse

Altitudinal 2530 – 2858 m asl
Catchment size

Hydrological catchment: 112.8 ha

Topographical catchment: 114.04 ha


According to Thornthwaite: sub-humid

Mean annual temperature: 16.4 °C

Mean annual rainfall: 1211 mm

Length of growing period: 175 days


Volcanic Trapp series with alkaliolivine



Mainly Phaeozems and Lithosols,

Gleysols in the lower part of the


Soil degradation status

The soils of the steeper part of the

catchment are highly eroded, the soils

of the flood plain profit from soil

accumulation. Soil fertility is defined

through the soil depth (nutrient

storage capacity)

Agro-ecological classification

Upper moist Weyna Dega to lower

moist Dega

Farming system

Rainfed, subsistence-oriented farming

system with ox-ploughing

Main crops Cereals and maize
Climax vegetation

Coniferous forest with Juniperus

procera and Podocarpus gracilior

Population density (catchment) 188 inhabitants per km2
Mean size of landholdings (catchment)

1981: 7.4 animals per household,

thereof: 1.2 oxen

1982: 8.1 animals per household,

thereof: 1.1 oxen

1983: 9.8 animals per household,

thereof: 1.2 oxen

1987: 12.1 animals per hosuehold,

thereof: 1.4 oxen

Livestock holdings (catchment)

1983/84: mean herd size per family:

6 animals, thereof: 0.7 oxen

1987: mean herd size per family:

3 animals, thereof: 0.6 oxen

Station established in June 1981